Fireflies Sightseeing Kampung Kuantan (Kuala Selangor, Malaysia)

A coastal village named Kampung Kuantan, 9km from Kuala Selangor northwest of Kuala Lumpur is where one of the biggest Firefly colonies that could be found in the world. The great Firefly attraction is located alongside the Selangor River that runs through the village. Spot the famous fireflies or in the Malay language Kelip-Kelip which means ”blink-blink” during evenings or night time.

The berembang mangrove tree (Sonneratia Casolaris) is where all the fireflies are situated at. Visitors can experience riding on a traditional rowing boat called ‘sampan’.Paying for the entrance fee comes with a local boatman/tour guide for the sightseeing tour. Each boat carries a maximum of four passengers. The rowing boat cost Rm 50 which could be shared among the travelers. There is also an option for a bigger boat which cost Rm15 per person. But with the smaller boat, it is able to get much closer to the fireflies.

Paying for the ticket includes, a drink and a packet of local snacks.Opening hours to visit the attraction is between 8.00 pm and 10.30 pm daily. It is truly a magical site and one should be able to experience the sightseeing at least once, in a life time. Have a wonderful trip and a great day ahead.

Have a wonderful day ahead, sincerely D Asia Travels Sdn Bhd. Writer, Hilman Mohamed Anwar.

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