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Kuala Kangsar, Perak Tour Package (3 Days 2 Nights)

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Kuala Kangsar at Perak! Our meticulously crafted 2-day, 1-night tour package offers you an immersive journey through the heart of Malaysia's royal heritage and cultural tapestry. Nestled along the serene Perak River, Kuala Kangsar stands as a testament to the nation's rich history and traditions. With its regal palaces, ornate mosques, and captivating landscapes, this package invites you to uncover the essence of Kuala Kangsar, where every corner echoes with whispers of a glorious past. Join us as we embark on an unforgettable adventure, where modern comfort meets time-honored splendor, promising you an experience that seamlessly blends relaxation, exploration, and cultural enlightenment.


Place of Interest:

  • Enggor Handicraft Centre
  • Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery
  • Kampung Sayong (Labu Sayong)
  • Malay College Kuala Kangsar
  • Malaysia's Oldest Rubber Tree
  • Ubudiah Mosque
  • Royal Museum Kuala Kangsar
  • Ulu Kenas Waterfall
  • Labu Kubong Homestay
  • Victoria Bridge



Day 1: Immerse in Cultural Treasures

- 9:00 AM: Arrival in Kuala Kangsar and check in to your accommodation.

- 10:00 AM: Start your journey at the Enggor Handicraft Centre, where you can witness skilled artisans crafting intricate traditional items. Shop for unique souvenirs.


- Noon: Delight in a local Malaysian lunch at a charming eatery.

- 1:30 PM: Visit the Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery, an architectural marvel that houses a treasure trove of historical artifacts, paintings, and royal memorabilia.


- 3:00 PM: Explore the quaint village of Kampung Sayong (Labu Sayong), renowned for its distinctive Labu Sayong pottery. Engage in hands-on pottery activities.

- 5:00 PM: Immerse yourself in the legacy of education at the prestigious Malay College Kuala Kangsar. Admire the colonial architecture and lush surroundings.


Day 2: Nature's Tranquility and Majestic Heritage

- 8:00 AM: Enjoy a hearty breakfast at your accommodation.
- 9:00 AM: Begin your day at the site of Malaysia's Oldest Rubber Tree, a living testament to the nation's rubber industry history.


- 11:00 AM: Marvel at the grandeur of the Ubudiah Mosque, an architectural masterpiece with stunning minarets and intricate details.

- 12:30 PM: Savor a delectable local lunch at a traditional eatery.


- 2:00 PM: Immerse yourself in the regal history at the Royal Museum Kuala Kangsar, housed within the former Istana Kenangan. Explore exhibits that offer insights into the royal lineage and heritage.

- 4:00 PM: Relax and unwind at the picturesque Ulu Kenas Waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery. Capture the beauty of nature with photographs.


- 6:00 PM: Depart for the enchanting Labu Kubong Homestay, where you'll experience warm Malaysian hospitality and cultural immersion.

- 8:00 PM: Indulge in a traditional dinner prepared by your hosts.


Day 3: Farewell and Departure

- 7:00 AM: Wake up to a traditional Malaysian breakfast at the homestay.

- 8:00 AM: Bid farewell to your gracious hosts and check out from the homestay.

- 9:00 AM: Conclude your journey with a visit to the iconic Victoria Bridge, a historical iron bridge that showcases the region's colonial past.



Frequency: Daily Departure
Duration: Approximately 3 Days
Pick-up time: 0900


Terms and Condition
Minimum: 2 Adults



As your 3-day, 2-night Kuala Kangsar, Perak tour with D Asia Travels comes to a close, we hope the memories of royal heritage, cultural immersion, and natural beauty stay with you. From regal palaces to serene waterfalls, thank you for letting us be part of your journey. Until we travel again, keep exploring!


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Kuala Kangsar, Perak Tour Package (3 Days 2 Nights)

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