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Negeri Sembilan (Full-Day Trip) Tour Package

Negeri Sembilan is situated in the west of Peninsular Malaysia. It is about 50km south of Kuala Lumpur and spreads over an area of 6,645 sq km. Its name means 'nine states' as the state once consisted of nine districts.


The state is known for its Minangkabau culture, which is preserved by the Adat Perpatih, an age-old matrilineal social system. It is also synonymous with the unique Minangkabau architecture, which features a unique upswept roof design. Its capital city is Seremban, a flourishing urban center with cultural and historical landmarks.


Places Of Interest:

  • Army Museum
  • Sungai Menyala Eco-Edu Tourism Centre
  • Alive 3D Art Gallery
  • Taman Negeri Kenaboi
  • Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest
  • The Royal Museum Of Seri Menanti
  • Gunung Angsi
  • Ladang Alam Warisan
  • Rembau Museum (Replica Of Raja Melewar's Palace)
  • Negeri Sembilan State Museum Complex
  • Fort Lukut and Lukut Museum



Day 1: Exploring Seremban and Cultural Sites

  - Arrive in Seremban, and check into your chosen accommodation.


  - Visit the Army Museum to learn about the military history of Malaysia.
  - Explore the Alive 3D Art Gallery, where you can immerse yourself in interactive and vibrant art exhibits.


 - Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant, trying traditional Negeri Sembilan dishes.


Day 2: Nature and Heritage

- Head to the Sungai Menyala Eco-Edu Tourism Centre for a nature-filled morning, with guided eco-tours and educational activities.


- Visit Taman Negeri Kenaboi for a hike or nature walk in a beautiful forested area.

- Explore the Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest, another opportunity for a nature walk and relaxation.


- Return to Seremban and have dinner at a local eatery.


Day 3: Museums and Historical Sites

- Start the day by visiting The Royal Museum Of Seri Menanti, a cultural and historical landmark.


Late Morning
- Explore Gunung Angsi, a popular mountain for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts.


- Visit the Ladang Alam Warisan to learn about agricultural practices and heritage.
- Explore the Rembau Museum (Replica Of Raja Melewar's Palace) to delve into the history of the region's royalty.


Late Afternoon

- Explore the Negeri Sembilan State Museum Complex to gain a deeper understanding of the state's culture and history.



- Finish your trip with a visit to Fort Lukut and Lukut Museum, a historic fort with informative exhibits.



Frequency: Daily Departure
Duration: Approximately 8 hours
Pick-up time: 0830


Terms and Condition
Minimum: 2 Adults


At D Asia Travels, our Negeri Sembilan Full-Day Tour Package distills the essence of this captivating state into one unforgettable day. From historical treasures to artistic wonders, and serene nature to tantalizing cuisine, every moment is expertly curated for your delight. Enjoy the convenience of seamless transportation, expert guidance, and immersive experiences that define travel with D Asia Travels. Reserve your spot today for a journey that promises lasting memories and a genuine connection to Negeri Sembilan.


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Negeri Sembilan (Full-Day Trip) Tour Package

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