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Seberang Perai Utara, Penang Island Tour Package (4 Days 3 Nights)

Welcome to Seberang Perai Utara, Penang Island, a region brimming with cultural richness, natural beauty, and local traditions. Our meticulously crafted 4-day, 3-night tour package invites you to discover the hidden gems and authentic experiences that define this enchanting destination. From historic streets to spiritual sites, local markets to serene nature reserves, join us on a journey that captures the essence of Seberang Perai Utara's captivating allure. Seberang Perai Utara, located just across from Penang Island, showcases the region's vibrant spirit and contributes to the colorful mosaic that is Penang.


This district, also known as "Seberang Perai Utara," is an integral part of Penang State, known for its industrial and agricultural activities. It encompasses a diverse range of communities and landscapes, from bustling urban areas like Butterworth to serene rural settings. Visitors and residents can explore cultural sites, and markets, and enjoy the scenic views of the Penang Channel, making it an essential component of the greater Penang region.


Places of Interest:

  • Rope Walk Taman Selat Butterworth
  • Kampung Agong
  • Rekreasi Air Hitam Dalam
  • Frog Hills
  • Masjid Abdullah Fahim Kepala Batas
  • Nine Emperor Gods Temple (Tow Boo Kong Temple)
  • Pasar Bisik Kuala Muda
  • Tukang Besi Permatang Benuan
  • Butterworth Art Work
  • Capal Jago Kepala Batas
  • Penang Bird Park



Day 1: Exploring Local Charm and Heritage (Duration: Full Day)

9:00 AM: Start your Seberang Perai Utara adventure at Rope Walk Taman Selat Butterworth, a historic street known for its architecture and atmosphere.

11:00 AM: Continue to Kampung Agong, a traditional village, to experience the warmth of local culture.

1:00 PM: Savor a local lunch at a traditional eatery.

2:30 PM: Visit Rekreasi Air Hitam Dalam, a tranquil natural reserve perfect for leisurely walks.

4:00 PM: Explore Frog Hills, a unique hill formation with picturesque views.

6:00 PM: Return to your accommodation.


Day 2: Cultural and Spiritual Exploration (Duration: Full Day)

8:00 AM: Breakfast at your accommodation.

9:00 AM: Begin your day with a visit to Masjid Abdulla Fahim Kepala Batas, a mosque of historical significance.

11:00 AM: Explore the Nine Emperor Gods Temple (Tow Boo Kong Temple), a beautiful place of worship.

1:00 PM: Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.

2:30 PM: Visit Pasar Bisik Kuala Muda, a traditional market known for its unique whispering trading method.

4:00 PM: Discover Tukang Besi Permatang Benuan, a blacksmith workshop showcasing traditional craftsmanship.

6:00 PM: Return to your accommodation.


Day 3: Art and Creativity (Duration: Full Day)

8:00 AM: Breakfast at your accommodation.

9:00 AM: Immerse yourself in the Butterworth Art Work, an exhibition of local creativity.

11:00 AM: Visit Capal Jago Kepala Batas, a traditional shoe-making center.

1:00 PM: Enjoy lunch at a local eatery.

2:30 PM: Explore Penang Bird Park, home to a diverse collection of avian species.

6:00 PM: Return to your accommodation.


Day 4: Farewell and Departure (Duration: Morning)

8:00 AM: Breakfast and check-out.

9:00 AM: Bid farewell to Seberang Perai Utara, departing with memories of your cultural and natural exploration.



Frequency: Daily Departure
Duration: Approximately 4 Days
Pick-up time: 0900


Terms and Condition
Minimum: 2 Adults



Unlock the magic of Seberang Perai Utara, Penang Island through our 4-day, 3-night tour package. From historic streets to spiritual sites and serene reserves, our itinerary offers a captivating adventure. Book now for an immersive escape that blends culture, nature, and local traditions uniquely.


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Seberang Perai Utara, Penang Island Tour Package (4 Days 3 Nights)

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