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KL City, Batu Caves, Selayang Hot Spring, Silver Leaf Monkey & Fireflies Tour

Tour Code: DASIAKL16 (Privately Organized)

The cheapest private tour in Kuala Lumpur!

City Tour
An exciting tour that unfolds the secrets and beauties of Kuala Lumpur, vibrant with its history and how it developed from a little tin miners' hamlet to a beautiful city that is now known. Famous for its many cultures, races, and traditions. The town is further furnished by its impressive architecture, prominent landmarks, and unique building. You will be amazed to see that the Asian and isolated part of the city intervenes with interesting Moorish, Mogul, and stylish Islamic architecture.

Batu Caves
Batu Caves is a Hindu Temple located in a suburban area of Kuala Lumpur. These limestone caves are around 400 million years old. The total numbers of steps are 272 leading up to the main caves temple. Batu Caves consists of three big caves. The world’s tallest Lord Muruga Statue with a height of 42.7 m (130 feet high) is located here. This destination attracts a massive crowd during Thaipusam, which is an annual festival for the Indians to pay homage to Lord Muruga.

Selayang Hot Spring
Selayang Hot Spring or locally known as "Kolam Air Panas" is a trendy place among the locals. It was believed that it helps with the healing process because of the mineral content of the hot spring, i.e., Sulphur. Visitors with illnesses like skin problems, diabetes and gout, and many more have been cured by this hot spring.

Bukit Melawati (Melawati Hill - Kuala Selangor)
Bukit Melawati (Melawati Hill) is a popular destination for locals, a place vibrant with its historical site. There were protective walls of the fort, royal graves, a lighthouse, a poisonous well, several cannons, and many more.

Silver Leafed Monkey
Famously known as Silvery Lutung or Silvery Langur is an Old World Monkey (Cercopithecidae). Can be found in mangrove, coastal and riverine forests in Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, and Sumatra. A medium-sized monkey with a long non-prehensile tail, it has grey-tipped black or dark brown fur. The males' lutung is slightly bigger than the females.

Fireflies (KELIP-KELIP)
A type of insect in the beetle order Coleoptera. This insect can be found in Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor. They use their bioluminescence (emission of light by a living organism) during twilight to attract their prey or mate. They flash their light at a specified interval of 3 seconds and in a perfect rhythm. The male flash brighter as it tries to attract the females.

Frequency: Daily Departure
Duration: Approximately 13 hours
Pick-up time: 0900

0900: Pick-up from any big hotel in Kuala Lumpur & then proceed with City Tour.
1430: Visit Batu Caves the largest Hindu Temple in Malaysia. With a total of 272 steps leading to its main Cave Temple, the caves are 400 million years old. The tallest Lord Muruga statue with a height of 42.7 m (130 feet high) in the world.
1530: Head to Selayang Hot Spring for half an hour. The mineral content, i.e., sulfur believed helps in the healing process.
1600: Head to Kuala Selangor town in the quiet district of Kampung Pasir Penambang. It is home to the largest firefly colonies in the world.
1700: On arrival at Kuala Selangor, visit Bukit Melawati – The hilltop view offers a sweeping view of the mangrove swamps of Kuala Selangor Nature Park and the Straits of Malacca. There are also Silver-Leafed monkeys that can be found, and food will be provided for feedings of the monkeys.
1800: Seafood Dinner / Vegetarian food served upon request (Halal food is served). This is a beautiful place to view the sunset.
1930: Head back to Kampung Pasir Penambang, the place where you can see fireflies. The mangrove trees on the riverbanks glow after dusk like a Christmas tree. Observe the light and glow of the fireflies while enjoying a delightful boat ride in the Selangor River.
2230: Drive back to Kuala Lumpur.

Optional Visit: Eagle Feeding - RM 40.00, 45 minutes boat ride; per person

Terms and Conditions:
Minimum: 2 Adults

Museum Entrance must be paid by the customer, RM 10.00 (Adult) and RM 5.00 (Child) per person|
This package includes dinner, tickets for the boat ride, and insect repellant.



Explore the beauty of Kuala Lumpur in this City, Batu Caves, Selayang Hot Spring, Silver Leaf Monkey & Fireflies Tour. Visit the iconic Batu Caves, dip your feet in the healing waters of the Selayang Hot Spring, and watch the majestic Silver Leaf Monkeys in their natural habitat. End the day in awe as you witness the magical sight of hundreds of fireflies lighting up the night sky. Discover all this and more on this unforgettable tour.


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KL City, Batu Caves, Selayang Hot Spring, Silver Leaf Monkey & Fireflies Tour

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    • National Museum (Visit Stop)
    • King Palace (Photo Stop)
    • Independence Square (Visit Stop)
    • Cricket Field, Cricket Club & St. Mary Anglican Church
    • Old Railway Station (Visit Stop)
    • National Monument (Visit Stop)
    • Sultan Abdul Samad Building,
    • National Mosque (Photo Stop)
    • House of Parliament (Drive Pass)
    • Lake Garden (Drive Pass)
    • Handicrafts & Batek Center (Visit Stop)
    • Petronas Twin Tower (Photo Stop - Lunch at own expense)
    • Bonus visit to the Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom outlet
    • Batu Caves (Visit Stop)
    • Selayang Hot Spring
    • Palm Oil Tree Plantation (Drive Pass)
    • Rubber Tree Plantation (Drive Pass)
    • Bukit Melawati (Fort Altingsburg, Silver Leafed Monkey) (Visit Stop)
    • Fisherman Village (Drive Pass)
    • Seafood Dinner (Visit Stop)
    • Vegetarian food served upon request (Please inform in advance)
    • Boat Ride to see Fireflies (Visit Stop)
    • Thean Hou Chinese Temple (Visit Stop)
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