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Pantai Morib, Selangor (Full-Day Trip) Tour Package

Nestled along the pristine shores of Selangor, Malaysia, lies the captivating Pantai Morib in Banting. This serene coastal gem offers a picturesque escape from bustling city life, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility of its natural beauty.


Pantai Morib boasts a vast expanse of golden sands that stretch out to meet the gentle embrace of the cerulean waters of the Strait of Malacca. The rhythmic sound of the waves caressing the shore creates a soothing melody, inviting you to relax and unwind.


The beach is a popular destination for locals and tourists seeking a respite from the everyday routine. Where golden sands meet the azure waters of the Strait of Malacca. A tranquil escape in Banting, Selangor, offering stunning sunsets, gentle waves, and a taste of local culture. Relax, explore, and create cherished memories on this captivating Malaysian beach.



9:00 AM - Arrival and Sunrise Greeting

  • Begin your day by arriving at Pantai Morib, Banting, Selangor.
  • Take in the breathtaking view as the morning sun rises over the horizon.
  • Feel the soft sand beneath your feet as you explore the beach.


10:00 AM - Beach Photography and Exploration

  • Capture the beauty of the surroundings with a morning photography session.
  • Walk along the shoreline, letting the gentle waves soothe your soul.
  • Embrace the tranquility and breathe in the fresh sea air.


11:30 AM - Brunch by the Sea

  • Indulge in a hearty brunch at one of the beachside vendors.
  • Savor local Malay delicacies and seafood dishes.
  • Relax under the shade and enjoy the company of fellow travelers.


1:00 PM - Relaxation and Sunbathing

  • Find a comfortable spot to lay down your beach towel.
  • Soak up the sun and unwind as you listen to the calming sounds of the waves.
  • Allow the ambiance to rejuvenate your mind and body.


2:30 PM - Watersports Adventure

  • Embark on an exciting watersports activity, such as jet skiing or paddleboarding.
  • Feel the thrill of the ocean as you navigate the water with confidence.
  • Create lasting memories of your adventure on the waves.


4:00 PM - Afternoon Tea Break

  • Take a leisurely break and enjoy a refreshing drink or snack.
  • Reflect on your morning experiences and prepare for more exploration.


4:30 PM - Visit to Morib Fort

  • Explore the historic Morib Fort nearby.
  • Discover the remnants of colonial architecture and learn about the local history.
  • Take a walk through time and imagine the stories that unfolded within these walls.


6:00 PM - Sunset Watching

  • Return to Pantai Morib to witness the mesmerizing sunset.
  • Set up your spot on the beach and watch as the sky transforms with vibrant colors.
  • Capture the magic of the moment in photographs or simply relish the view.


7:00 PM - Evening Seafood Feast

  • Head to a local seafood restaurant for a delectable dinner.
  • Indulge in fresh catches of the day prepared with flavorful local spices.
  • Enjoy a delightful meal as the day winds down.


8:30 PM - Beachside Bonfire (Optional)

  • If permitted, end your day with a cozy beachside bonfire.
  • Gather around the fire, share stories, and enjoy the company of fellow travelers.
  • Let the warmth of the fire create a sense of camaraderie and relaxation.



Frequency: Daily Departure
Frequency: Approximately 13 hours
Pick-up time: 0900


Terms and Conditions:

Minimum: 2 Adults


Elevate your journey with our Pantai Morib, Banting Selangor Tour Packages. From tranquil shores to vibrant sunsets, experience nature's beauty and cultural immersion. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, let us craft your unforgettable getaway. Discover Pantai Morib with D Asia Travels and let the extraordinary unfold. Exploring Pantai Morib, the stunning beach destination in Selangor, is always a delightful escape.


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Pantai Morib, Selangor (Full-Day Trip) Tour Package

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