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Langkawi: Jewel of Malaysia's Islands

Updated: Aug 26, 2023


In the Andaman Sea's turquoise embrace, Langkawi appears as a pristine sanctuary that beckons visitors with its unrivaled beauty. Off the coast of Malaysia, this archipelago of 99 islands is a refuge where the bounty of nature coexists with contemporary amenities. The tranquillity, adventure, and cultural diversity that Langkawi provides are enchanted by its turquoise waters and beautiful jungles.

The 99-island archipelago known as Langkawi, or the Jewel of Kedah, is located off the west coast of Malaysia. known in particular for its fantastic diving chances and other fun vacation activities. This is the location to be if you intend to bring home duty-free chocolate, cigarettes, and housewares. Join us as we tour all the top sights in Langkawi. Visit the Langkawi Snake Sanctuary, the Langkawi Crocodile Farm, and Makam Mahsuri. Immerse yourself in the wonderful environment of Underwater environment Langkawi by riding the Langkawi Cable Car.


Tour Highlights:

The breathtaking backdrop of the 450 million-year-old Machincang mountain range, the oldest rock formation in Southeast Asia, must make it one of the most amazing cable car journeys in the world. The thrilling 15-minute cable car trip is 2150 meters long, ascents 680 meters, and offers breathtaking views from far above the canopy of a thick rain forest.

  • Station 1: Oriental Village, which is on the island of Langkawi's northwest, is where the journey's beginning and end are situated. The cable car goes 1700 meters to reach Middle Station from here.

  • Station 2: situated 650 meters above sea level. Before reboarding the cable car for the final 450 meters to Top Station, passengers disembark here to take in the scenery and take pictures.

  • Station 3: 708 meters above sea level. There are two viewing platforms where you may catch a breeze to cool you off while taking in the magnificent 360-degree panoramic views of Langkawi and the vicinity, including some of neighboring Thailand. There is a tiny café on one of the observation platforms that serves refreshments and snacks. There is a gift shop and a post office counter at the top station where you can purchase, write on, and have postcards carefully stamped.

Langkawi Cable Car offering breathtaking views as it ascends towards the Sky Bridge.
Langkawi Cable Car

Google Map: Langkawi SkyBridge Cable Car

  • The business establishments in Oriental Village sell food, drinks, trinkets, and experiences or activity-based attractions.

  • The Oriental Village in Langkawi is a picturesque destination nestled within lush greenery. This charming village offers a diverse range of attractions, including the famous Langkawi Cable Car that provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape as it ascends towards the iconic Sky Bridge. With a variety of shops, dining options, and cultural experiences, the Oriental Village is a must-visit spot for both relaxation and adventure enthusiasts visiting Langkawi.

Scenic view of Oriental Village nestled amidst lush greenery on Langkawi island.
Oriental Village

Google Map: Oriental Village

  • Telaga Harbour Park is a dramatic 27-acre bay with berthing facilities and happening nightlife. The harbor is noteworthy for Perdana Quay, a boardwalk just opposite the marina featuring restaurants and pubs that draw the night crowds and tourists in. It also houses transient yachts as well as mega yachts coming in from all around the world as it is the only harbor town in the region.

  • Distance from Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi: 25.1km

Tranquil Marina and Scenic Waterfront View
Telaga Harbour Park

Google Map: Telaga Harbour Park

  • One of Langkawi's most stunning natural spectacles is the Seven Wells Waterfall, so named after the seven natural pools that are connected by a raging river. The Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park is home to the falls, which are divided into upper and lower pools by a stunning vertical waterfall that cascades down a 91-meter-high cliff wall.

  • The hike through the steamy rainforest to reach the waterfall with its abundance of tranquility is rewarded by cooling off in a cool natural pool surrounded by green trees with playful monkeys swinging between their branches.
Telaga Tujuh

Google Map: Telaga Tujuh Langkawi

5. Crystal Langkawi

The Crystal Langkawi is a refuge of luxury and peace, nestled among the picturesque shores of Langkawi. It is the ideal vacation for anyone seeking a balance of relaxation and luxury with its breathtaking beachfront views and world-class amenities. Enjoy lavish luxury while surrounded by the tranquility and stunning scenery that Langkawi is known for.

Luxurious Beachfront Retreat with Stunning Views
Crystal Langkawi

When visiting Langkawi, you must go to Pulang Dayang Bunting. The second-largest deserted island in Langkawi is Pulau Dayang Bunting, which is around 20 kilometers from Kuah. It receives an estimated 3 million visitors annually. From Kuah Jetty, a 15-minute boat journey will get you there. Its name, which means "Isle of the Pregnant Maiden" in literal terms, refers to how it appears from a distance to be the silhouette of a pregnant woman lying back. The freshwater lake is perfect for swimming and is surrounded by mangrove trees and a limestone formation. A tiny store nearby sells refreshments, snacks, and trinkets in addition to renting paddleboats and life jackets.

Serene Freshwater Oasis Amidst Langkawi's Beauty
Dayang Bunting Lake

Google Map: Dayang Bunting Lake

Visit Langkawi Underwater World to enter a watery world! Prepare for an amazing adventure to the abundant marine life that resides beneath the seas. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey while discovering a fascinating underwater kingdom. As you walk through fascinating tunnels, see sharks, stingrays, and colorful tropical species. Admire the fascinating animals that live in the water. Purchase tickets to the Langkawi Underwater World and make lifelong memories.

Exploring Aquatic Wonders in Malaysia
Underwater World Langkawi

Google Map: Underwater World Langkawi

Langkawi Underwater World Tickets:

  • Discover the remarkable variety of more than 200 marine and freshwater species at Underwater World Langkawi.

  • Through the enormous glass tunnel, embark on an adventurous journey and be amazed by the stunning diversity of aquatic life.

  • Discover how to save sea turtles while getting up close and personal with them and watching their exquisite movements.

  • Take beautiful images while posing for pictures with the lovely penguins as they feed.

  • Take part in an exciting virtual reality experience where you may swim alongside enormous sharks and feel the rush of being there.

  • While navigating interactive exhibits, uncover the mysteries of the ocean's depths and discover fascinating information about marine ecosystems.

  • As you wander through the fascinating underwater tunnel, prepare yourself for some entertaining interactions with the humorous fish on the other side of the glass.

  • Purchase tickets for the Langkawi Underwater World and embark on a fantastic adventure to see the underwater world's treasures.

YouTube Video Credit: Wanderlust On Wheel

  • Undoubtedly, Langkawi Island is among the most well-liked tourist destinations in Malaysia. The Kedah Jewel is located on Malaysia's western coast and is readily reached by daily ferry services from both the mainland and Penang Island. There is also an international airport with nonstop service to Kuala Lumpur. Because of its duty-free prices, beaches, hotels, and resorts, Langkawi is the top destination for travelers of all financial levels.

  • The most well-liked activity in Langkawi is island hopping, which is not surprising given that it gives tourists—both locals and foreigners—a chance to see some of the island's breathtaking islets.

Exploring Multiple Islands and Coastal Beauty
Langkawi Island Hopping

YouTube Video Credit: Fikri ZamRi

  • Pulau Beras Basah is a location that claims to provide you with the most tranquil escape. It is situated at the westernmost tip of Langkawi. This location, boasting its immaculate beaches and attractive foliage, is regarded as a top-notch vacation area to unwind.

  • One of the most popular and serene islands, Pulau Beras Basah draws tourists with its views of the glistening blue water and the tranquil white sand. A spot where you can find comfort in the solitude of reading leisurely while getting sunbaked.

  • The lush green woodlands that encircle this serene beach contribute to the island's ambiance and fresh, breezy breeze. Commercialization has not yet reached the island. However, it offers you peaceful views and necessary tranquility.

  • Basic services including restrooms and a tiny stall serving food and soft drinks are available here. However, if you're looking for some adventurous fun, this establishment won't let you down. It allows you to enjoy snorkeling while also letting you rent banana boats, parasails, and jet skis.

 Pristine Beachscape on Langkawi's Horizon
Beras Basah Island

Google Map: Pulau Beras Basah

One of the islands visited on island hopping excursions in the Langkawi Archipelago is Pulau Singa Besar. On the island, there are a few peacocks and deer that were once part of a menagerie but were abandoned. Along the coast, there is a forgotten walkway. Despite the island being designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1988, later efforts have brought in foreign species like peacocks, deer, and mousedeer. The effects of these creatures on the local species have not yet been the subject of any comprehensive research.

Untamed Wilderness and Coastal Charms in Langkawi
Singa Besar Island

Google Map: Pulau Singa Besar

Eagle feeding in Langkawi is a thrilling wildlife spectacle that offers an up-close encounter with these majestic creatures. As you cruise through the serene waters, witness the breathtaking sight of eagles swooping down to claim their meals. This unique experience allows you to connect with nature's beauty and power, leaving you with unforgettable memories of Langkawi's vibrant ecosystem.

Majestic Wildlife Interaction Over Waters
Eagle Feeding

Google Map: Eagle Feeding Point



The lovely island of Langkawi will be your destination as part of this Langkawi City Tour Package. You'll be able to take in this city's great attractions as well as its rich and varied cultural heritage. Take a cruise on the Andaman Sea and stop by the well-known Eagle Square. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to ascend Mount Cincang by cable car for amazing views. At Pantai Cenang Beach, unwind and watch the sunset.


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